LTC6804 GUI 05.2

GUI for the LTC6804-1 and LTC6804-2 Multicell Battery monitoring devices
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This is the GUI for the LTC6804-1 and LTC6804-2 Multicell Battery monitoring devices.


- Measures Up to 12 Battery Cells in Series
- Stackable Architecture Supports 100s of Cells
- Built-In isoSPI™ Interface:
1Mbps Isolated Serial Communications
Uses a Single Twisted Pair, Up to 100 Meters
Low EMI Susceptibility and Emissions
- 1.2mV Maximum Total Measurement Error
- 290μs to Measure All Cells in a System
- Synchronized Voltage and Current Measurement
- 16-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC with Frequency Programmable 3rd Order Noise Filter
- Engineered for ISO26262 Compliant Systems
- Passive Cell Balancing with Programmable Timer
- 5 General Purpose Digital I/O or Analog Inputs:
- Temperature or other Sensor Inputs
- Configurable as an I2C or SPI Master
- 4μA Sleep Mode Supply Current
- 48-Lead SSOP Package

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